Headshot of Sofia Durrani
Headshot of Sofia Durrani taken by Allie Lehman

Hello! I’m Sofia.

I originally hail from Bridgewater, Massachusetts in the United States. I will always have a soft spot for Columbus, Ohio, which is where I called home for 3 years before I moved to DC for graduate school. I moved to the nation’s capital to earn a graduate degree in Public Health at The George Washington University. Currently I’m living in Tamale, Ghana in West Africa working on a development project helping 20,000+ women soybean farmers improve their livelihoods through access to farming technology, best farming practices and educating them on how to use soy in their own homes.  I am interested in making a difference on a large-scale when it comes to a few topics: environmental issues (climate change), increasing sustainable access to water and sanitation and improving women’s reproductive health.

Feel free to  email me or tweet me if you have any questions, blog post requests or suggestions – I’d love to hear from you!