Walking down from the airplane ramp with several people in front of me.

Day 4 in Ghana- Made it to Tamale

It’s my fourth night in Ghana and I have already had a great time. I will give you a more detailed recap of my time so far. Excuse the lack of photos in this post- posting from my phone with limited wifi for the moment.

Yes a few bumps in the road happened:

  • I packed wayy too much
  • Forgot to pack some toiletries

  • My flights kept getting cancelled (but the silver lining was that I was rebooked to a direct Delta flight to Accra and my program director, Sam, was also on that flight)

  • I left my sister’s package on the STC bus (but thankfully I won’t have to carry it any longer)

  • I was overcharged by a taxi driver and my first breakfast in Ghana was cold.

  • That’s my list of grievances in celebration of Festivus.

Now onto the good stuff:

The weather in Accra is amazng by my standards not humid at all, a cool 91 degrees with the Gold Coast breeze. Honestly getting off the plane in Accra at 11AM, I was expecting a waft of odors but nothing, just sunshine and blue skies. Getting through immigration and the health check for ebola took only 20 minutes max. Waiting for our luggage took at least 45 minutes but it gave me a chance to get to know Sam, the program director, better. Exchanging money was also pretty easy. In case you’re wondering th

e exchange rate in 3.18 Ghana saedee for 1 USD. Sam took care of getting a taxi to Pink Hostel and then we had lunch. I

t was vegetable curry with white rice and was actually very good. I

ordered it for dinner again the next night for dinner. Then I showered and took a nap- which lasted 6 hours. It was wonderful! My hostel room already had a visitor staying there, Hannah the DJ, she was from the UK traveling the Gold Coast, following the music scene. sge even invited me to hear her dj at a place called Republic. I would have joined her but wanted to wait for the incoming saha global rep expected to fly in later that night. Marsha didn’t arrive until 1AM.

 She had a series of unfortunate travel issues and had been traveling for 24 hours straight!

We stayed up talking getting to know one another and then went to bed around 2AM. We used the next day to explore the city.

High: Went to the beach with Marsha and then hung out with a friend of Marsha’s, Ekwo, who is Ghanaian and from Accra. Loved getting a local’s p


Low: Marsha and I missed breakfast due to some musommunication on the pink hostel’s part. Was charged too much on my first taxi ride.