My First Post from Ghana

My First Post from Ghana

I made it to Ghana in one piece but have just had time and internet access until now. It’s Day 3 and we are headed to Tamale from Accra on a 12 hour bus ride. Think a greyhound sized bus. We were scheduled to leave at 5AM but due to roadwork our bus was scheduled to leave at 4pm instead, which meant we wouldn’t see the scenery on our way to Tamale but it gave us an extra half day to explore Accra. Marsha, Julia, Jake and I went to La Badi beach. At Noon we ordered lunch and then hung out at Pink Hostel until it arrived at around 1:30pm. We took taxis to the STC station and then waited for the bus to start boarding at 4pm. Some people played cardgames, others napped and others just hung out.

20141229_saha waiting for the bus


On the bus I was assigned the very last seat of the saha group. Seat no. 24 – next
to a mother and her infant child. Across the aisle was an older lady who slept the whole way. Luckily the infant next to me didn’t cry at all. Phew. I was able to listen to music and fall asleep for a few hours. Since I had an aisle seat I wasn’t able to take any photos of the drive up north.

High: Going to the beach in the morning with new Saha friends!
Low: The revival gospel music playing on repeat during the 12 hour bus ride

la badi beach